SwarmOne’s revolutionary “instance-less” approach gives you the freedom to focus on the Data-Science.

Focus on the Science

Continue to use your existing workflow and tools

Use any framework, train any model. Run any batch size. Freedom… Seriously!

No more “orchestration”

You don’t have to provision, setup, configure, secure or worry about Cloud instances.

No more run away costs

You don’t need to reserve, rent, buy nor manage instances.

When you train: know your ETA and price in advance, and pay only for what you actually use.

Cloud based Instances


Requires multiple personnel

You have to gamble on the number, type and sizes of Cloud instances needed

No predictability, visibility, nor control on the time it takes and the costs it entails

You need to train where your data resides

Training on the Swarm

Requires multiple personnel

Run instantly. No engineering required!

Get predictability, visibility and control on cost and time before you ever pay a cent

Store your data anywhere you want

The Instance-less stack gives you freedom!

“SwarmOne saves me SO much time. I’m able to instantly train without having to worry about setting up an instance. It’s incredible
Data Scientist,
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“The data science team is actually having FUN working! ”
Data Scientist,
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Soaring with the Swarm

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Hours of training
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AI model parameters
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Models tested and supported
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