Forget about babysitting GPUs

No More Cloud Instances

No more setting up and

managing GPU instances

Massive Compute Power

Gain instant access to near

limitless compute power

Better Models, Faster

Dramatically Improve your

ability to experiment,

test, and run

Cloud instances suck

The greatest pain point in AI training is the effort, time, and skill required to size, select, and manage a GPU instance. Seriously, cloud instances suck.

GPUs are rented out “instances” are that are complex, expensive, and require operational overhead, software tools, and personnel.

No more instances!

With just two lines of code, the SwarmOne platform abstracts away all the engineering tasks in AI training.

SwarmOne’s revolutionary “instance-less” software stack and platform automatically allocates AI model training tasks across a network of GPUs without the limitations imposed by the instance-based stack

SwarmOne is the leader in using swarm based computing to solve the challenges of AI Training

A radical new way to use GPUs!

Cloud computing

Virtualized the server

Dedicated hosts were virtualized so that their compute power could be better managed.

Swarm computing

Virtualized the workload

AI training workloads are automatically abstracted and allocated across large numbers of GPUs.

SwarmOne’s approach to AI training efficiently matches supply and demand for GPUs, yielding both lower costs and higher utilization, with a dramatically simpler end-user experience.
Carl Waldspurger, Ph.D. MIT
Former Principal Engineer, VMware